The Unseen Blessings of Rejection |Oluwatoyosi Gabriel Adesuyi

Ouwatoyosi AdesuyiA young man finds and plucks a red rose on his way to his lover’s house. He is absolutely certain she would love it. It is natural and smells lovely. Unknown to him, white roses catch her fancy more but she pretends to love this red rose. When her lover was gone, she throws it out the window allowing the rose a fall on the cold floor.

The rose starts to wither even though still beautiful, but only a red rose lover with a golden heart can see through a withered red rose and appreciate its beauty.  Sadly, the red rose laid there lifeless and passersby would trample on it.

Finally and just at the nick of time, a red rose lover came around. He sights this rose, saw beauty right through the withered stem and picks it up. He then takes it home and finds a lovely cute soil vase for it. Every morning, he would water and expose it to sunlight until the red rose began to find its beauty again.

With thorough care and nurturing, the rose began to blossom and everyone who visited always wanted to touch and even smell it. Clean, healthy and radiant… it became the center of attraction even much more than she was when together with the rest of the flowers where she was initially plucked.

A rose is still a rose!

The rose came back alive and became a source of admiration to all who set eyes on it. There in the right soil, she is the source of hope for anyone who wants to see the beauty of creation, something she wasn’t when she laid on the bare floor exposed to trampling and abuse. Even all who prefer white roses would take just one look at her and conclude that maybe red roses are not bad to have after all.

Rejected; now a source of beauty and admiration.

Rejected by one; accepted by another.

However, if the rose wasn’t thrown out of the window for someone else to pick it up, it probably may not have found one to cherish it. If people are not rejected, they may not know what it means to have comeback power. How would others be inspired by these comeback stories if there were none? How would there be growth and development?

If you have been rejected, this may be an opportunity to encounter a divine connection with who would appreciate you? Would you have rather stayed where you would be only managed and tolerated for a while and afterwards tossed into the trash bin like the fate that could have befallen the rose had it not be tossed outside into the cold night?

Maybe your rejection was much-needed.

In fact, I believe your rejection is what you needed all along and JESUS still remains the perfect nurturer of all times. Don’t just lie there resisting; He has been waiting to pick you up since you were tossed out.

Question is, are you ready for the remarkable life that you should have had all along?


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