Welcome to Emotional Health! | Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

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Welcome to my blog!

Growing up,  I struggled to understand myself and why I acted the way I did until I ‘got a grip’.

I had gone through tough times and made a mess of every situation I found myself in. My emotional roller coaster turned me around for years and I made a lot of poor decisions as a result.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I founded a ministry to help 44 women quarterly to get a grip too!

This Ministry cuts across women of all shapes, sizes, colour, race, status etc. One thing will bring and bind us together here and that is; how to be wise women who can manage our emotions effectively so as to live purposeful lives.

This is one of the many media God has instructed me to reach out and I am sure I would have a great time sharing my thoughts, ideas and stories with you.

So, do you feel a need to heal emotionally? Do you need to master and manage your emotions effectively? Do you need to know how to handle situations per time without ‘loosing’ it either with your spouse, boss, colleagues, siblings or with the world at large?

Do you want to be emotionally healthy and have a balance instead of the highs and lows you constantly find yourself in?

Bravo! You are one of the 44 women God has instructed me to reach out to in this quarter. And I am sure you would have a wonderful time as the Holy Spirit gets to work on you like He did (and still doing) with me!

I celebrate you.



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