Mood Swings: Are You a Pendulum? | Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

Ouwatoyosi AdesuyiGrowing up, I had issues with mood swings. One minute I was in high spirits and could almost raise the roof in excitement, the next minute I was very down like the weight of the whole universe was on my shoulders. Sometimes, I would lock myself up in a room and won’t come out for hours until I was able to come out of the ‘pity party’ I threw for me, myself and I.

During the period I was down, people would walk on egg shells around me, scared of how I would react. At times, when someone said or did something that didn’t go well with me, I would burst out in tears. This happened at even the most trivial things.

I was highly sensitive to words and actions and I didn’t realise that all I was doing was giving people power to run my life for me. I was the true definition of touchy.

I didn’t know how to balance my emotions. I was at two extremes. I was either high or low, hot or cold and never at a balance. For me, there was no middle ground. Wherever the pendulum swung, I followed.

The bible says in proverbs 25 vs 28 that “Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self control” (NIV)

If a city has no walls, it is naked and thereby vulnerable. Any army that plans to wage war against such city would have a filled day. That city is likened to a person who can’t control his or her emotions.

In the case of the person, his or her soul is vulnerable to external attacks from the enemy. Its always easy to penetrate into a naked soul.

 The devil wants to give you imbalanced emotions. He doesn’t want you to experience fullness of life Jesus Christ promised so he gives you highs and lows. He understands that when you are not balanced emotionally, you can’t have a balanced life.

This is where you need the Holy Spirit to help you. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control. He helps you control every area of your life including your emotions.

He is always available to give you a balanced mind.

Another part of the bible says we have the mind of Christ. Now, picture Jesus Christ having mood swings. I bet you can’t, right? So, if the bible says we have the mind of Christ then it’s possible to be without mood swings by taking control of our emotions like Christ did.

In fact, we were made to understand that He faced the same temptations we faced and yet He was able to scale through.
So, I am very certain that just like us, He was faced with issues that could have brought about mood swings but he remained balanced and unshaken.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the type of mind that Jesus Christ has. When you begin to work with the Holy Spirit, you would realize that you won’t get peeved at every little thing, you will begin to understand what matters and what doesn’t and you would be able to manage your reactions to people and issues better.

In fact, when the Holy Spirit steps in, you are on your way to emotional victory and you would kiss mood swings goodbye!


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