Becoming a Woman of Balance: Be ALL you can be and still keep your sanity | Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

Ouwatoyosi AdesuyiShortly before getting married, I fantasied on how to be a proper wife, perfect home maker, career woman, woman of God/influence and a host of other things all together.

Yes! I was going to be all of these, still keep fit, maintain a good health and be attractive to my husband. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

I resolved keeping a clean home and in my mind’s eye I would effortlessly keep everything in its place expecting to still meet each item that way when I walked into the room a few hours later. So it was to my disappointment that it didn’t happen that way because of the singular fact that I was living with a human being and not a statue. I dreamt of how every where will sparkle and be radiant; all these I was hoping to achieve without breaking a sweat.

Reality kicked in and I began to get overwhelmed with trying to ‘put it all together’ and even though my husband is quite domesticated and helped around the house often, it still took a great deal of effort not be too hard on myself because I wanted to be the Mrs. perfect/Super Woman who kept her home together. I had a picture of my ideal home, what was happening now?

It seemed everywhere I turned needed to be either cleaned, scrubbed, arranged or dusted. In fact, it seemed like I was feeding a nation in the person of my husband! Compared to what I had envisioned, the work didn’t seem to end.

Bottom line: I needed wisdom to be all I needed to be and still keep my sanity. After all, isn’t wisdom the principal thing? So I turned to God.

“Lord, how do I gain wisdom to keep my home and keep my sanity at the same time while still achieving the purpose I was created for as woman?”

The Lord took me to Proverbs 9:10:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (NIV)

From this verse of scripture, I was made to understand that:

  1. To be wise; the first thing we need to do is fear the Lord.
  2. To gain understanding about any aspect of life, we need to come to the knowledge of God which is through His word.

Every Christian woman I know has a biblical role model. Even though scripture never told us her name, she is a woman of great influence to herself, husband, children, employees, community and the nation as a whole. Generations before us reverenced her and it’s certain that generations to come will do same.

In Proverbs 31, she is described as a woman of great worth and only a woman of wisdom has such a balance as she portrays. The balance she has brings about so much praise and respect for her. She could hold everything together.

Towards the end of the chapter we are told by the great king Solomon (who we know has a huge experience with women of different status, shapes and sizes) that “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting ; but a woman who fears the Lord, is to be praised.” (Proverbs 31 vs 30; NIV).

Now it goes to say, to be a woman of wisdom, it is important to fear the Lord just like the proverbs 31 woman did and was admired for her virtue.

Understanding the depth of life and how to handle life challenges, (like I wasn’t able to do) required a great knowledge of God and that is found in His word which is in the Bible.

Do you find yourself constantly struggling to strike a balance with work, holding a relationship or career together, being a mum, growing in ministry, etc? Having reverence for God and meditating on His word day and night is a good place to start.

The word of God will direct you on how you can become a woman of balance.It is a lamp to your feet and light to your path.

On a daily basis, I take a walk with Jesus, and whenever I am overwhelmed, He is always a shoulder lean on and gives me so much respite. However, this happens because I have the wisdom to ‘run’ to Him to fill up my emotional tank and because I have an understanding of the awesome comforting power of the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom to strike a balance comes from God alone. He can give you deep understanding of how to manage any area of your life through His word.

I ALWAYS find solace in the word of God.

Commit yourself to the Lord and His word and watch Him get you started on how to become a woman of balance.


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