​Why I Still Choose to Worship Even When I am Hurting! ~ Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

Follow us on TwitterAs I grow older and as life keeps ‘happening’, I realise that one thing has kept me sane over the years…

That thing is Worship!

Worship connects me to God. It lifts my spirit to a realm even I can’t comprehend.

I see the beauty of God when I worship and I feel my heart melt from every hurt I may be experiencing at that moment.

I feel anger subside inside of me and I am lifted me into the frequency of forgiveness.

When I worship God, I see the beauty of His majesty. I feel a calmness within my spirit reminding me of how much I am loved and accepted by my maker.

When I worship, nothing else matters.

  • I worship to cleanse my heart from hurt, pain, bitterness, anger or any negative emotion I may be feeling per time.
  • I worship to allow myself flow into rhythm of angels.
  • I worship to melt whatever malice or resentment I may have stored up inside of me.
  • I worship to open my heart to God’s revelation over my life.
  • Worship Purifies my heart because scripture says the pure in heart shall see God; worship makes me more aware of His presence.
  • I worship because God created me to do so with all of my entire being.
  • I worship to be free, free from anything holding me back from experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding!

I am wise enough to know that worshiping God is a prerequisite for emotional purging and healing…

So either I feel like it or not, I worship anyway!

Wouldn’t you rather worship too?


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