Why Have You Locked Up Your Heart in the Process of Guarding It? ~ Oluwatoyosi Gabriel-Adesuyi

Like our Facebook pageYou have been told that your heart is the center of your life. That’s correct!

Pain, anger, bitterness etc take root within the heart which is why scripture has asked you to “Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life” Proverbs 4 vs 23 (NLT).

However, we get too preoccupied with guarding our hearts that we shut it down completely and have stopped allowing ourselves to feel. Unfortunately, In the process of shutting down our hearts,we shut down our healing too.

In as much as its important to guard ourselves from hurt, it is more important that we open up our heart so that all the hurt, pain and anger we have stored up over time can flow out in order to enjoy the peace of God.

How then can you guard your heart from danger and still open it up for renewal?

The key to achieving this is asking God for wisdom to discern what you need to protect it from and what you need to open it up to per time.

Personally, I leave my heart to God to protect. One of my greatest fear is getting to the point where I won’t be able to feel anymore because I am scared someone somewhere may likely take advantage of me.

Don’t you think you have fortified the walls of your heart for too long? How will Jesus dwell in your heart when you don’t have one anymore? How will you recognise a God-sent one when you are busy being too careful?

How would you enjoy calmness when all you do is scrutinize, analyse and suspect everyone who comes your way thinking they are betrayers, heart-breakers or manipulators?

How would you heal when you are scared that any one who comes around will hurt you again?

I have met people who use the above scripture as an excuse to shut their hearts totally, depriving themselves of the life God has prepared for them.

I challenge you today to bare your heart to God. Give your heart to Him to secure for you and go to sleep. Wisdom is knowing that although the Bible has asked you to guard your heart, you can’t do it by yourself.

Has your heart become too fragile? Give it to God to mend and keep safe. He searches the heart of everyone, so He knows who to give your heart to and who to guard it from.

With God as the gatekeeper of your heart, you can never go wrong.


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