She packed her bags, this time she packed it light. 

It won’t be long now, the flight she had to catch.

Maybe she would stay a little longer than she planned to,

If her destination could promise some arms to run to.

It was high time she found some answers for her longing soul.

If the days of laughter could return, she would be grateful. 

She desperately needed a hiding place, 

Much more, a resting place.

She sat on her bed now, staring at her small luggage.

She couldn’t ignore her trembling knees, she was exhausted.

And as for the tears, they still flowed very freely.

Then her eyes caught a glimpse of a pile of books, all books too familiar except one; One she hadn’t opened or brought herself to read in years.

So she reached out and opened it, and in there were words she would always engrave upon her heart.

Calm words no one had ever spoken to her until now…
She blinked; yet slowly, she read.

Something enveloped her, and even though it wasn’t a familiar feeling, she knew it was peace.

She held on and never let go, to this book which seemed to have the answers to all of her never ending questions.

That day she made up her mind, never to to put away this book amongst old piles of books again but rather as a most priced possession, close to her everyday need.

For in this one man, she has found her hiding, resting and dwelling place.


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