“Oh, you can’t see Him. But He is right here”

Looking intensely at her audience, she continued,

“Funny isn’t it? Yes, I know.

However, as strange as it may seem, this unseen man healed and  restored me.

You see, I needed a place I could run to. 

I was weary, I needed some internal rest.

I needed a place I could rest and nest in..a place to call my own. 

I wanted a dwelling for my longing soul so I could hide from life itself.

In fact, I was desperate for strong arms to hold me.Why else would I marry three more men after the father of my deceased children?

When succour from men was not working, I turned to drugs and alcohol. I had lost all three children, so I killed the rest God gave me.

Many of us are hurting. We have been hurting for too long we have forgotten what it feels like to be happy. For us, hurting has become the “normal”. 

We wake up hurt, we sleep hurt, we eat hurt, we drink hurt, we even smile hurt.

Sometimes we get carried away  when someone says something funny and we laugh but then we immediately pinch and ask ourselves… “Should I be laughing?”

More like, “Do I have any right to be happy?” We remind ourselves that our lives are too messed up for us to ignore.

We tell ourselves that we shouldn’t show any form of excitement, life is too jaded for that.

So, we go back to status quo.

You see, I would rather not be here today to pour out my embarrassing life story, but my lover asked me to. He needed you to know all about this. 

There are women here that are like me. You have been through similar or worse situations. You are not alone.

So back to my introductions, you have heard about this man several times before, yet he is still very unfamiliar to many of you. 

Unfamiliar because you also have a connection with him stacked somewhere with some old piles of books like I did.Yes, many of us treat our bibles like an old antic.

Meet my lover, JESUS ! He is my hiding, resting and dwelling place.


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