She climbed the podium. 

Everywhere was quiet with all eyes on her. She had tried too many times to convince herself that she didn’t have to do this.

However, this man who she had seemed to fall in love with thought otherwise. She was left with no choice.

“I lost my three children to the cold hands of death but I would spare you the details. I became a shadow of myself. Resulted to drinking, smoking and finding solace in sex.

My husband left me when he couldn’t cope with my excesses. I married three times after then with all three men leaving.

While I was married, I got pregnant 5 times and aborted all of them. I was scared death would take those ones away from me too and I couldn’t face the pain of bonding with them and then losing them.

To stop getting pregnant, I decided to remove my womb. My last husband found out what i did and left me.

That was when I became heavy on drugs.

I attempted suicide thrice but I still found myself alive.

So I decided to stop wasting my time trying to kill myself since that wasn’t working.

My mother had left me with a huge fortune and I didn’t have to work to make money. So I spent money on things that would distract me from the reality of my life. 

Now, as I planned to travel down to Las Vegas which I was promised to distract me from the pain I felt. (After all, wasn’t it called the Sin City?) I received a word from a man who I brought here with me today. 

I didn’t know love still existed till I met Him. Infact, I didn’t know there was anything still worth loving about me.

Ladies, permit me to introdue you to my lover and friend. 

Every one turned and looked around expectantly, hoping to see who this lover was…


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